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A compendium of anti-advice.
In this section you will find articles and advisories that may help you avoid minor catastrophe if you regularly attempt to accomplish your goals using whatever materials and resources you find or have already at hand and without the aid of paid experts. While pieces here will address a wide range of activities and projects, based on certain recent personal experiences some examples of possible topics include how not to plant your ginseng and how not to make Black Walnut ink.

Up This Creek publishes this column for edification purposes only. The contents of How-to(not) do not constitute legal or professional advice, and information herein may or may not be correct, complete, or current at the time of reading or ever. This content is not intended to be used as a substitute for intelligent, informed advice or opinions. No recipients of content should act or refrain from acting on the basis of content of How-to(not) or from any part of this site without seeking professional counseling. UTC expressly disclaims all liability relating to actions taken or not taken based on any or all contents of the site, but we would love to hear what happened.

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Knotweed not bamboo: Or, what not to use as garden stakes


Fallopia japonica. Photo by  Michael Gasperl, 2005.

Fallopia japonica. Photo by Michael Gasperl, 2005.

In this site’s unhelpful inaugural post, I warned that readers, if they exist, should not look here for advice such as they might find on the plethora of excellent improvement and instructional sites on the web, as that is not Up This Creek’s purpose. In respect of our foundational principle, however misguided, this article provides instead a kind of anti-advice, as it instructs how to avoid disimprovement.

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