My name is Rachel B. I named this blog Up This Creek as a play on the other version of the phrase. We’re not necessarily knee-deep in merde here, but in my experience, there are plenty of times in life we feel like we are and maybe we’d like to see how another human handles the chaos.

So who am I? I am a successful, highly-educated marketing professional at a Fortune 500 company, with diverse business experience across several industries, but mostly in manufacturing. I am a daughter of three and seven. My mom had three children and married a man with four children, all of whom I love and respect and enjoy seeing when we actually get to do so. I am a wife to a successful sales professional at the same Fortune 500 company I work for – but I met him in high school…but we didn’t date until I was nearly finished with college. He’s an avid cyclist, runner, beer snob, and cook. Together, we are parents to a toddler who is the center of our world. He’s truly a gift to us. We are also pet parents to two crazy dogs: a Norwegian Elkhound and a Belgian Tervuren. I am those things and I am a friend, volunteer, writer, equestrian, and more. I aim to live passionately and work hard to ensure I am able to do so.

Thank you for stopping by…and coming back!