Takeout on Whole30


When you are not eating added sugars, dairy, alcohol, legumes, or grains for thirty days, your options when ordering take out aren’t absent, but they certainly aren’t abundant. At least not in the Akron, Ohio area. On day four of the program, I’m still feeling focused and committed, so I didn’t want to ruin the progress.

Tonight, with the #WINDIANS on against the Yankees and a very tired toddler requiring an on-time bedtime, we decided we’d order wings for dinner instead of venturing against the crowds. Well, if you want wings, pretty much every single sauce recipe has sugar added to enhance or shape the flavor. Since I didn’t want to be a royal pain in the derriere to our favorite local establishment, the Winking Lizard, on a huge ballgame night when they are stacked with customers, I didn’t quiz the poor girl that answered the phone on what sauces had sugar added to them. Continue reading “Takeout on Whole30”